Valentine’s day. Of Course.

It’s about midnight and it’s Sunday. It means tomorrow I have to work. Sigh. I’ve had Monday blues ever since I started to work. I don’t want weekend to be ended, especially today is Valentine’s day.

At first I’m not really excited about this year’s Valentine’s day. You know, after years of relationship Valentine seems to be another day in a year. But don’t get me wrong, we still celebrate our Valentine’s day every year. That’s not the reason. It’s just, Valentine on Sunday doesn’t fit. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe because I don’t like to work on the day after, Sunday has become a day that I don’t really like. So Valentine on Sunday makes me less excited.

But it turned out that this year’s Valentine’s day is the one that I shouldn’t forget. Above all Valentine’s day, this particular one that I was less excited about, is the one to remember.

Our typical Sunday starts with going to church. Nothing special, except I sat behind a kid, a very active one, that I couldn’t resist to look at him. At singing and praising time, he couldn’t stop jumping. When the pastor was preaching, he sat down and stood up alternately, played with his parents’ phone. I could focus on the preach at first. But after more than one hour, I lost my focus and got sleepy, so I was looking at the boy. He was so funny, he was faking a phone call using a card, placed that card on his ear, pretent to speak on phone, and walked back and forth. I was trying to show my boyfriend how cute he was, and I got scolded. He told me to focus with the preach. :p My bad.

So I did, I tried to focus with the preach, but I couldn’t. I got sleepy again. So I looked around to distract myself from being sleepy. That’s when I noticed something weird in my boyfriend’s jeans’ pocket. It’s looked like a heart shaped box. O.O He laughed and I laughed, but I tried to compose and pretent I didn’t see anything.

Finished with Sunday service, we went for lunch. We circled around the mall and decided to eat in my favorite pasta restaurant. I ordered Gnocchi chicken pesto and he ordered Seafood Marinara spaghetti. I wanted to order hot tea but it was too expensive for a tea, so we ordered Mandarin mojito instead.

So, while waiting for orders, he laughed, and he said he’s not a romantic person. There he went, took out the box and popped the question. O.O I was laughing and answered jokingly. I don’t even remember my answer right now, I think I said of course or something like that. He put on the ring on my finger and I put on his ring for him.

Well we’re not typical couple. He proposed at lunch, and the ambience wasn’t set, wasn’t romantic at all, and we laughed a lot. My first reaction after he put on the ring was, why is it gold? The ring that he chose is gold coloured, not white coloured as normal engagement ring. For me gold coloured jewelry looked so outdated. I found his ring design is also outdated and too old for his age. I complaint and complaint and he said he wanted to be not mainstream so he chose gold colour. He offered to have the rings pleated so they’ll be white. But all the time eating my lunch I kept thinking about the rings and how they are not the way I imagined.

Later of the day after taking nap, I realized that I just got engaged! And here I am bit*hing about the rings. I’m sorry honey, I know you put your best effort. I should be grateful instead of being bit*hy.

Yes I have imagined how my engagement should be, how the situation should be, how he should act, how my ring should be. But it has happened. It can only happen once. And I can’t control everything. And I can’t have all things the way I want it.

This Valentine’s day

I got no flowers

I got no chocolates

I got the best gift of all

I wish my mother is here so I could share the happy news. Share this big moment. But I’m sure she’s watching from above.

Happy Valentine’s Day peeps!





Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes is Hard


Let’s say that I have something very credential that I should change. It’s a bad habit of mine. Recently this bad habit caused me some trouble with the person I love. He kindly took charge of my mistake -threw himself under the bus for me- so I felt really guilty about it. Even after apologizing to him, this guilt won’t easily go away because deep inside I know that I supposed to be able to avoid that mistake.

I’ve been thinking hardly about how to compensate my mistake. I reached the decision that I should change so the same mistake won’t happen again. I realized that the root is from inside of me.

But although I had realized my bad habit, for me it’s really hard to change.

Since I have this bad habit for some time, I did tried to change before, but it didn’t work.

Now that I have this guilt as motivation, I think I should be able to change this time. It’s not easy but I will try gradually. I hope this time it’ll work.

This has become my new resolution for 2016.

Talking about resolution, there is one thing that become my resolution year after year, yet it’s never reached. The thing is to work out. You know, I’m not a work out type of person. I don’t like to work out, but I know I have to, in order to have a toned body and to be healthier.

I don’t have time (and money) to go to gym, so I have to work out by myself at home. I have downloaded some work out video, as a guidance, yet I’ve never used it.

As you can see now, change is a hard thing for me. Either I’m stuck in this so called comfort zone, or I’m to lazy to change, or both. Sigh. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E – Movie Review

It’s been a long time since I become satisfied after watching a movie. But, this happened recently with the movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E. I can’t get enough with this movie and I want more. Maybe because it’s a remake from a TV series so the ending is an open ending.

I didn’t know much about this movie before I and my boyfriend decided to watch it on Friday night. I only have watched a glimpse of the trailer a while ago, and I got a vibe that it’s a spy movie like James Bond. I didn’t expect much from this movie, but between The Man from U.N.C.L.E and Hitman 47, a spy movie and a killer movie, it’s obvious for me that The Man from U.N.C.L.E wins.

After buying tickets, I did a little research (yes  after, not before haha) and I found out that Hitman 47 only get 9% from Rotten Tomatoes. Fiuhh, we made a good decision. Moreover, The Man from U.N.C.L.E had Henry Cavill (the Superman!!) and the cute Armie Hammer.


Henry Cavill plays CIA agent Napoleon Solo and Armie Hammer plays KGB agent Ilya Kuryakin. At the beginning of the movie they are enemies who try to kill each other. Then the table’s turned, their bosses in CIA and KGB assigned them to cooperate to prevent a company from making an atomic bomb. It’s funny how they struggle not to kill each other since they are a team now.

I love their duet as partners. Napoleon Solo is a charming, cheerful man (later found out to be a womanizer too) reminds me of Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond. While Ilya Kuryakin is a stiff, cold, man with anger issues. Both have plus and minus and they magically create a perfect team.

A spy movie will not complete without a pretty girl, right? Here comes Alicia Vikander, plays Gaby, East German girl, a mechanic, a nuclear professor’s daughter who’s supposed to be protected by those two men. I am not familiar with her work before, but I think her face is similar to Penelope Cruz. I can’t stop thinking about Penelope Cruz everytime I see her. :p

There are several aspects of this movie that I like.

Languages. There are several different languages German, Russian, and Italian. Combination of different languages is interesting for me because they add dynamics to the movie. Watching the movie stimulates me to learn those languages.

Comedy. The movie maker inserts comedy in several scenes. A smart comedy, as I call it, because it’s nothing like skeptical comedy. I personally don’t like skeptical comedy, so I find smart comedy like this is refreshing.

Cinematography. I know nothing about cinematography, of course. But, as a commoner, I recognize good cinematography in this movie. I think the director, Guy Ritchie, is good, after I watch the movie. There are reverse chronology too, but it’s easy to understand.

Romance. Yeah, I’m a fan of romantic comedy, so a little romance in the movie excites me. The romance between Kuryakin and Gaby is still vague, but it’s there. I wish them to be together, but it’s not happen in the movie.

Fashion. I wasn’t sure about the timeline, but after I saw the fashion, I’m pretty certain that it’s the 60’s. The costumes are well considered. I love the clothes, especially the ones that Gaby wears. Napoleon’s clothes are also well suited. The one that’s not so great is Kuryakin’s. Maybe because his character is cold, so he doesn’t engage in fashion.


There is also Hugh Grant in this movie. His charming British accent is a fresh addition to the movie :p

Overall, it’s a fresh summer movie suited for younger audiences. It’s not as serious as another spy movie.

The Day I Lost My Mom

It was 22 April, a day before my birthday. It never occurred in my mind, that my scariest nightmare will become a reality.
My mom was battling cancer. She was in chemotherapy treatment. It was the second batch of her treatment. Her first batch went successfully in Malacca. But less than a year later she had to fight it all over again because the bad cells were still there, and then attack her bones.
She fought strong. She struggled to eat, but she tried. She had spirits. Even when she was down, we were there for her, supported her, told her to fight. She said OK.
Few days ago, she was treated in hospital. It’s because she had hard time in swallowing, even drinking was hard. I was away, I called her, she said it’s probably only bad sore throat because her body was weak due to chemotherapy treatment. She also had hard time to talk, so I ended my call early. The day after, I sent her message, asking if she was better, she said she wasn’t.  I told her to stay positive, but she didn’t immediately read it, so I still don’t know if she read it or not.
The third day in hospital, my dad called me that she had to be given oxygen because she had hard time to breathe. I had thought of worst case scenario but I still had hopes. This would pass.
Morning of the fourth day, my dad called me to find ticket home the day after. I was looking for the ticket when I got second call.
My father told me to stay calm, informed me that my mom passed away. I had breakdown in office for a while, immediately find ticket home that very day.
I cried in taxi in my way to my place to grab some things before I took a flight home. A silent cry, not a loud one that the driver would notice. I cried at my place while packing. I cried in taxi to airport. I cried in plane. As the time I arrived in Jambi, I had stopped crying.
Before I thought I would haven’t been able to handle this. But when this is really happening, I don’t cry as much as I thought I would be. I am strangely strong.
Some parts of me feel relieve about her passing away, she had had hard time. But some parts of me still can’t accept the truth, as if this is not really happening. She had hoped that I get married. She had mention that before, I should get married while she was still alive. I had hoped that I could take her abroad to see snow. I couldn’t do those things until she passed away.
There are some regrets. There are still many things that I haven’t learned from her. There are still many things that I want to tell her.
But God has His own plan. He called her early. She was one month left to be 50 years old. She lost the battle to cancer.
My mom lost, but God make her win.
This is the day I lost my mom, a day before my 25th birthday, a month before her 50th birthday.
This is the day I lost my mom.

Five Things of 2014

Hah! It’s been a while (read : a long time ago) since the last time I posted here. To sum up everything that has happened since then, here are 5 things:
1.    October 2013 – I quit my job and went home to Jambi
No, I don’t come back to live there for good. I just visited my family and accompanied my mom to Malaka. Fyi, it’s easier to go to Malaka from Jambi. We just have to fly to Batam and then continue by feri. Malaka is a small old town two hours from Kuala Lumpur. It’s best known for its medical facilities and old building heritage.
old town Malaka – muzium rakyat

old town Malaka – muzium umno

neighbourhood near the inn

old town malaka

old town Malaka – Famosa fortress

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Dataran Pahlawan – one of big malls in Malaka

2.    December 2013 – Finished my master program
Yiihii, after struggling for quite some time, finally I finish my master program.
3.    December 2013 – Went to semarang
It was for my college friend’s wedding. We went in a group and besides the reception we visited several tourism objects.
Sam Poo Kong Temple

Sam Poo Kong Temple – new building section

4.    January 2014 – Moved to Jakarta
When every other people were celebrating new year, I started this year by unpacking my things and settled to new room in Jakarta. I got a new job in Jakarta so I had to move immediately. Sadly I have to leave my boyfriend in Bandung so we become LDR couple..  -_____-
It’s kind of scary at first to move alone to Jakarta since it’s a big strange city for me. But after a few months I succeed to manage everything well. I get used to the scary and dangerous public transportation. I managed to stay safe from the pickpockets and sexual harassers.
My belongings
5.    March 2014 – My second graduation ceremony
Since I have had a graduation ceremony before, this one isn’t so special. It’s just a form of celebration for obtaining my master degree. I failed though, to be the best graduate from master program, I only achieved second place. But it’s okay. *pukpuk

What’s funny (or poor) was that at my first graduation ceremony, my brother was unable to come, and at this second graduation ceremony, it was my sister who was unable to come. *pukpukagain

That’s my updates. I’ll keep updating soon..

Dulux Apartment Contest

I’ve recently joined a contest called Dulux Apartment Contest.
This is a virtual contest where you can design your own room using the plugin they supply.
There are two categories:
Category A : Design the whole apartment
Category B : Design a single room in the Apartment

I’m joining Category B and design a master bedroom.
The design is modern classic, sophisticated, but also cozy.
To be able to going through the next round, I need help from you to like my design’s snapshot on facebook.

The link is below.
Thank you very much ^^

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Movie Review

I’ve just watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the sequel of the Hunger Games. Literally, like I just got home an hour ago and I want to review it before I forget. Before I start, I can’t wait to tell that this movie is awesome!!~~ I love it and can’t wait to watch the next sequel.

I’ve never read the books, so when I watch the movie, it was a genuine experience without any expectation. The movie starts quite bland, Katniss and Peeta got back home at District 12, and they’re going to do a victory tour, a part of their winning celebration. Suddenly, Katniss got a surprise visit from President Snow at her house (should I say new? But I don’t wanna spoil the story.).
Apparently, inspite some people think that her try to commit suicide together with Peeta as a love action, some people think it’s a form of disobedience from the Capitol. President Snow force Katniss to convince him that the relationship the Peeta is real, unless her family will be in danger. So, as they doing the victory tour, most of time they must pretend more how deeply in love they are. 
At first Katniss finds it hard to follow all the speeches that has been set up for her to say, instead she tells how deeply sorry she is for the death of Rue, this end up with the peace corps kill a citizen of District 11. After that she become very obedient and do all the things told by Capitol. But, that’s not enough. Rebellion everywhere. People try to fight back. Capitol tries to stop rebellion by killing and torturing. 
Until the story starts to twist. As an effort to stop the rebellion, the President held the 75th Hunger Games called the 3rd Quarter Quell. With the tributes are from…. all the districts’ winners! Yes, the president assumes Katniss and all fellow winners as threats, as symbols of disobedience, so he wants to destroy her along with them. All the winners hate it, they don’t wanna play but they had to. At the tributes introduction hosted by Caesar, they try to stop to game, with acting, with all kind of mind manipulation towards the crowd, include fake story. All the tributes hold hand together at the end of introduction. But the game is still held.
The part when all the tributes all at the Capitol is great, from the parade, interview, especially because of the visual effect. Impressive visual effect at the parade of the building, city, and Katniss and Peeta’s outfit; more impressive when introduction, Katniss wears a wedding dress and when she twists, it changed into something wonderful.
When the game starts, it’s in a new location, with amazing visual effect once again. A beautiful forest, beach, trees and sky. If before all the tributes hold hand and unite, once the game starts it changed. District 1 and 2 are the heartless killers. While Katniss and Peeta are allied with Finnick and Mags. Together they fight the craziness of the location. At this movie, there’s not much fight along each other, instead, they’re struggling to survive from nature. There is a lot of shocking moments (literally, the one that makes you quickly inhale and your heart stopped for a while). At the forest Mags is dead from a poisonous fog. They’re attacked by a pack of baboon. An morphling addict tribute suddenly emerged, sacrifice herself and saves Peeta.The plot is increasing from there.
Most of the tributes are not introduced and just simply dead.  Besides 3 people from District 1&2, who’s left are Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick that are then allied with Beete, Johanna, and ‘nuts’ (forget her name, she’s dead not long after). They stay at beach. Beete create a plan to destroy that 3 people. They then going back to the forest. This is the climax of the story. Finnick, Peeta and Beete stay at a tree where the lightning will hit. Katniss and Johanna bring cable that will connect tree and beach. Suddenly the 3 people attacks them, Katniss is hit by Johanna who actually saves her life by making Katniss looks dead. When Katniss is conscious, she goes towards Peeta’s spot immediately. But she can’t find Peeta, instead Beete is unconscious, and Finnick is missing. When Finnick emerges, she can’t decide whether Finnick is an ally or not, until Finnick says “remember who’s the enemy”. Katniss epically throws a spear to sky, results the lighting strikes back to the sky and destroy the game location, reveals falling roof structure. She then picked up by a plane that usually take the corpse. After that, watch it yourself. hahaha.
The ending is so predictable that left me hanging, shocked with how the film ends. Ending is very important for a movie, it’s what makes a good movie, summarizes the story. Good movie ends epically, leaves you live in that movie, forget the reality for a while, and makes you not willing the movie ends, still want to watch more . For the last 10 minutes I think I forgot to take a breath, unconsciously hold my breath and not move at all.
The differences from the first movie are:
1. The relationship between Katniss and Gale is more obvious. They’re in love with each other, they kiss several times.
2. But Katniss also cares more about Peeta. She even force Haywitch not to let Peeta died whatever it takes. They kiss several times too, some are acting, but some I’m not really sure.
3. Prim, Katniss’ sister, is braver now, more mature, more confident. She takes care of Gale when he’s injured and convince Katniss to fight. She’s different from the first movie when she’s scared all the time and so innocent. I’m very proud of her.
4. More awesome dresses, courtesy of Cinna.
5. More believable virtual effects, except the Baboon.

I can’t wait to watch the next sequel!