Five Things of 2014

Hah! It’s been a while (read : a long time ago) since the last time I posted here. To sum up everything that has happened since then, here are 5 things:
1.    October 2013 – I quit my job and went home to Jambi
No, I don’t come back to live there for good. I just visited my family and accompanied my mom to Malaka. Fyi, it’s easier to go to Malaka from Jambi. We just have to fly to Batam and then continue by feri. Malaka is a small old town two hours from Kuala Lumpur. It’s best known for its medical facilities and old building heritage.
old town Malaka – muzium rakyat

old town Malaka – muzium umno

neighbourhood near the inn

old town malaka

old town Malaka – Famosa fortress

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Dataran Pahlawan – one of big malls in Malaka

2.    December 2013 – Finished my master program
Yiihii, after struggling for quite some time, finally I finish my master program.
3.    December 2013 – Went to semarang
It was for my college friend’s wedding. We went in a group and besides the reception we visited several tourism objects.
Sam Poo Kong Temple

Sam Poo Kong Temple – new building section

4.    January 2014 – Moved to Jakarta
When every other people were celebrating new year, I started this year by unpacking my things and settled to new room in Jakarta. I got a new job in Jakarta so I had to move immediately. Sadly I have to leave my boyfriend in Bandung so we become LDR couple..  -_____-
It’s kind of scary at first to move alone to Jakarta since it’s a big strange city for me. But after a few months I succeed to manage everything well. I get used to the scary and dangerous public transportation. I managed to stay safe from the pickpockets and sexual harassers.
My belongings
5.    March 2014 – My second graduation ceremony
Since I have had a graduation ceremony before, this one isn’t so special. It’s just a form of celebration for obtaining my master degree. I failed though, to be the best graduate from master program, I only achieved second place. But it’s okay. *pukpuk

What’s funny (or poor) was that at my first graduation ceremony, my brother was unable to come, and at this second graduation ceremony, it was my sister who was unable to come. *pukpukagain

That’s my updates. I’ll keep updating soon..



Yes, I know it has already mid of January, but I think it’s not too late to summarize the 2011 😉
I just got inspired by Merry Riana in her blog
So here I am.. In the middle of midnight, trying to summarize and make a proper farewell to 2011.. There’s a lot of things happened to me on 2011, thanks God I save it all in pictures. I must admit, it’s a busy year, some happy some stressful, yet it’s so memorable..

Here are some my best moments in 2011:

1. TKMDII X (Temu Karya Mahasiswa Desain Interior Indonesia)
    Such an extraordinary experience to meet my fellow interior design students from around Indonesia…

2. New Students’ Mentors Dismission

3. Spending quality time with my college friends
Swimming, watching movies, hang out, photography session, and so on..

4. My Final Assignment Preview, Exhibition, and Yudisium

5. First time to B.A.L.I
Exquisite island full of cultures, culinary, nice people, nice views, nice places.


6. My Family Vacation to West Java and Jogjakarta through Jakarta, also Bandung
There are a lot of beautiful places at West Java and Jogjakarta. Located in the middle of Java Island, these two provinces known best for its cultures and historical places. For example, Lawang Sewu building at Semarang, West Java is so well known because it has approximately 1000 doors. Also, there is ancient Borobudur Temple at border of West Java and Jogjakarta that used to be included in 7 wonders of the world.

7. Finally and the most memorable, My Graduation!!
Biggest thank to God, also my parents for supporting me mentally and financially so that I can finish my study for 4 years in Interior Design. Not an easy thing to do, there are hard times. But as a proverb says, when there is a will, there is a way..

Let’s wait for 2012 to be better and many more good things will happen.. 🙂