The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Movie Review

I’ve just watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the sequel of the Hunger Games. Literally, like I just got home an hour ago and I want to review it before I forget. Before I start, I can’t wait to tell that this movie is awesome!!~~ I love it and can’t wait to watch the next sequel.

I’ve never read the books, so when I watch the movie, it was a genuine experience without any expectation. The movie starts quite bland, Katniss and Peeta got back home at District 12, and they’re going to do a victory tour, a part of their winning celebration. Suddenly, Katniss got a surprise visit from President Snow at her house (should I say new? But I don’t wanna spoil the story.).
Apparently, inspite some people think that her try to commit suicide together with Peeta as a love action, some people think it’s a form of disobedience from the Capitol. President Snow force Katniss to convince him that the relationship the Peeta is real, unless her family will be in danger. So, as they doing the victory tour, most of time they must pretend more how deeply in love they are. 
At first Katniss finds it hard to follow all the speeches that has been set up for her to say, instead she tells how deeply sorry she is for the death of Rue, this end up with the peace corps kill a citizen of District 11. After that she become very obedient and do all the things told by Capitol. But, that’s not enough. Rebellion everywhere. People try to fight back. Capitol tries to stop rebellion by killing and torturing. 
Until the story starts to twist. As an effort to stop the rebellion, the President held the 75th Hunger Games called the 3rd Quarter Quell. With the tributes are from…. all the districts’ winners! Yes, the president assumes Katniss and all fellow winners as threats, as symbols of disobedience, so he wants to destroy her along with them. All the winners hate it, they don’t wanna play but they had to. At the tributes introduction hosted by Caesar, they try to stop to game, with acting, with all kind of mind manipulation towards the crowd, include fake story. All the tributes hold hand together at the end of introduction. But the game is still held.
The part when all the tributes all at the Capitol is great, from the parade, interview, especially because of the visual effect. Impressive visual effect at the parade of the building, city, and Katniss and Peeta’s outfit; more impressive when introduction, Katniss wears a wedding dress and when she twists, it changed into something wonderful.
When the game starts, it’s in a new location, with amazing visual effect once again. A beautiful forest, beach, trees and sky. If before all the tributes hold hand and unite, once the game starts it changed. District 1 and 2 are the heartless killers. While Katniss and Peeta are allied with Finnick and Mags. Together they fight the craziness of the location. At this movie, there’s not much fight along each other, instead, they’re struggling to survive from nature. There is a lot of shocking moments (literally, the one that makes you quickly inhale and your heart stopped for a while). At the forest Mags is dead from a poisonous fog. They’re attacked by a pack of baboon. An morphling addict tribute suddenly emerged, sacrifice herself and saves Peeta.The plot is increasing from there.
Most of the tributes are not introduced and just simply dead.  Besides 3 people from District 1&2, who’s left are Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick that are then allied with Beete, Johanna, and ‘nuts’ (forget her name, she’s dead not long after). They stay at beach. Beete create a plan to destroy that 3 people. They then going back to the forest. This is the climax of the story. Finnick, Peeta and Beete stay at a tree where the lightning will hit. Katniss and Johanna bring cable that will connect tree and beach. Suddenly the 3 people attacks them, Katniss is hit by Johanna who actually saves her life by making Katniss looks dead. When Katniss is conscious, she goes towards Peeta’s spot immediately. But she can’t find Peeta, instead Beete is unconscious, and Finnick is missing. When Finnick emerges, she can’t decide whether Finnick is an ally or not, until Finnick says “remember who’s the enemy”. Katniss epically throws a spear to sky, results the lighting strikes back to the sky and destroy the game location, reveals falling roof structure. She then picked up by a plane that usually take the corpse. After that, watch it yourself. hahaha.
The ending is so predictable that left me hanging, shocked with how the film ends. Ending is very important for a movie, it’s what makes a good movie, summarizes the story. Good movie ends epically, leaves you live in that movie, forget the reality for a while, and makes you not willing the movie ends, still want to watch more . For the last 10 minutes I think I forgot to take a breath, unconsciously hold my breath and not move at all.
The differences from the first movie are:
1. The relationship between Katniss and Gale is more obvious. They’re in love with each other, they kiss several times.
2. But Katniss also cares more about Peeta. She even force Haywitch not to let Peeta died whatever it takes. They kiss several times too, some are acting, but some I’m not really sure.
3. Prim, Katniss’ sister, is braver now, more mature, more confident. She takes care of Gale when he’s injured and convince Katniss to fight. She’s different from the first movie when she’s scared all the time and so innocent. I’m very proud of her.
4. More awesome dresses, courtesy of Cinna.
5. More believable virtual effects, except the Baboon.

I can’t wait to watch the next sequel!


Paris Villages – Restaurant Review

Eiffel. Louie Vuitton. Patisserie. Croissant. Romantic.
Those are words that come out from my mind when i hear Paris. Perhaps there are many other words that come out from yours. That’s because Paris is so famous and such an iconic city. Many people wish to be able to go there. Includes me. But, since I haven’t had a chance yet, it’s nice to visit a little Paris, to experience the ambiance. That’s what I thought when I decided to enter Paris Villages, a french restaurant in Bandung. It’s located in Setrasari Mall, precisely across the street from Griya Supermarket.

 That night was anniversary night for me and my boyfriend. It was raining very hard. At first I had made up my mind to go to other restaurant, but since it’s raining, we had to go to other restaurant that much closer. Paris Villages was the chosen one. We can reach it by foot. I was so insisted to go out that night, and didn’t want to postpone the dinner. Which now I regret. Sigh.

Anyway the restaurant is located in its own building. The building is narrow and consisted of three stories. The second story is the kitchen, so dining area available at first and third. I wanted to sit at third story because it’s look cozier from outside, and more private without people walking through. But we wasn’t allowed due to a problem. So we sat near entrance, on red sofa. There wasn’t anyone else who eat there, and remain that way until we left. It was Wednesday night, so maybe there were no many people want to go out.
Food menu board
After we sat there were no menu book given to us. Instead there were blackboard about A2 paper size, sat on a chair, with all food menu written on it. We had to read it hardly since it’s quite far, and all in french without English explanation. So, the waiter explain every single menu written on it. It’s felt like he’s the teacher and we are a couple of students. Hihi. Actually the waiter was nice, he also explained the favorite menu there, and from his explanation I quite understood that the restaurant target market seems to be expatriate. Thankfully the menu are only several, so we don’t spend much time being lectured, because the longer the time, the more awkward I felt.

There were 10-11 appetizer, 7 main course, and 6 desserts. While the beverages menu are printed on usual menu book and given to us, consisted of alcohol and non alcohol drinks. The first impression when i saw the menu board was the price are quite ok, only 30-40k rupiah. But that price only on top row, apparently appetizer, while main course priced for 80-100k rupiah. Man, we cannot afford that, that’s what i thought. But I couldn’t tell my bf since the waiter were standing right in front of us. Finally in order to avoid embarrassment if we left the place without ordering, we ordered a fish creme for appetizer; for main were chicken with beer sauce (for my bf) and chicken with mushroom creme for me (which is the cheapest main). I wanted to order juice but there were not fresh, I ended up order sparkling apple for drink, while my bf ordered mint tea. 

While waiting, i paid attention on interior design, and took some photos too. Before entering the restaurant, I was imagining that the interior design would had more French feeling in it. But that’s not come into reality. The design is simple with white paint, and several paintings and photos of Paris on walls. From my point of view, I am able to say that there were no professional interior design service was used. The furniture are woods which bring classical theme, except two modern red sofas as accent. Nothing special, except the chandelier that decorated with vines. It makes natural theme, that doesn’t belong with furniture that is classical. Besides the French music that was played along the night,several paintings and photos of Paris, the room didn’t feel French at all. In fact, I tried to close my eyes and imagined myself in a street cafe in Paris. wkwk.
Left (entrance) to right: 1-4

The room itself is small only contain 4 or 5 tables, a pastry counter and mini bar. Moreover the lighting is so warm and not bright, make the room feels smaller. Warm lighting actually used to bring out homy and warm atmosphere, which many cafes used this kind of lighting to achieve that atmosphere. But probably for this restaurant, it shouldn’t use chandelier, instead hidden lighting can be used. That’s able to make the room much more spacious.

Finally the foods arrived. Appetizer which was fish creme, had too strong fish taste, i didn’t like it, but my bf felt it was ok. I forgot to take the picture. :p My main was poulet a la creme et champignons (not sure with the spelling),which means chicken thigh with mushroom creme. Price 78k rupiah.Tasted nice, the creme, mushroom, boiled potatoes, vegetables, but the chicken disappointingly undercooked at some spots. Bf main was coq a la biere, translated half chicken with beer sauce. Price 96k rupiah. Also tasted nice, except the chicken also quite undercooked. The drinks were nice, though.

coq a la biere – Rp 96k
poulet a la creme et champignons – Rp 78k
Sparkling Apple and Mint Tea Rp18k (approx.)
(Look at that tea cup! How cute :D)

The service also okay, but when the waiter asked for our opinion, and we told the chicken were undercooked, he said it was depends on request. Maybe he’s wrong,but as far as i know, chicken should not be undercooked because it contains salmonella bacteria that’s harmful for our body.

Overall the food tastes different from another western food. Probably I am able to say that it’s authentically French (although I’ve never been to France). Anyway, I’ll come back someday to try the dessert. Because France is famous for the dessert, like creme brulee. yum yum. One day, if I have extra money 😀

Price * (very expensive)
Service **** (good)
Place *** (okay)
Taste **** (good)

Setrasari Mall Blok B4 No.98
Jl.Surya Sumantri – Bandung
Open every day : 8 AM to 11 PM
Phone: 022 – 2006958

New Smartfren Andromax U2 – review

I’m back.. using blogger application for android. It’s much more easier now to update my blog. Hoho.
I’ve just bought a new android phone for 24 hour now. It’s called Smartfren andromax U2. It’s a smartphone produced by the operator smartfren and an improvement from andromax U.

As a cheap smartphone made in china, this is really worth something. The touch screen is great, sensitive and satisfying. It’s quite easy to type with it. Each letter is separated really well so touching wrong letter is minimized.

With 1Gb of ram and quad core processor, it performs well and isn’t slow. The internal storage is 4gb, allows you to download several good apps like games or socmed. It uses Android 4.1.2, not the newest but good enough. Differences from its predecessor are the quality of speaker, which already dolby digital plus, and the size of screen that slightly bigger.
My problem with this phone is the camera. With 8Mb back camera and 2Mb front camera, there shouldn’t be a problem. But there is. The camera take photo slowly. You have to hold about 1-2 seconds until the photo’s taken. It’s a problem for me because what if i wanna take a selfie or fast moving event? Hold it for second(s) obviously disturbing. Other problem is that you can’t turn off the shutter sound. (But I’ve found the solution for this problem. I’ll explain it later below.)

And another problem that I just found out is the battery quickly dropped . Is it usual for Android phone or just mine? i charged it last midnight and around noon i have to charge again. For its defense from morning until noon i was using it all the time, programming apps and others. Hope that’s the reason.
(I’ve also found solution for this problem)
Anyway i’m still figuring this phone out and downloading cute apps. Hope my euphoria for this phone will last. Overall for the price of Rp 1.870.000 it’s good enough for me. Here is photo of its box taken at night.
-Updated –
After having this smartphone for a while, I’m quite satisfied. 
The Apps
I’ve installed and uninstalled several free apps from Play Store. 
For games, I currently have Candy Crush Saga, Despicable Me (Minion Rush), Subway Surfer, Buttons and Scissors, Escape Action, Burgers, Teka-Teki Silang, and Line Pokopang. All games work perfectly without any problem or slowness. I’ve uninstalled Icon Pop Quiz and Logo Quiz because I’ve finished all the levels and it’s become boring and harder.
For photo editing apps, I currently have Photo Studio, Picmix, PhotoGrid, InstaMag and Camera 360. A lot, huh? haha. I’m planning to uninstall one of these, maybe Picmix, since it’s same with PhotoGrid.
For social media related apps, I currently have Path, Blogger, Instagram, Line and WeChat. I’m planning to uninstall WeChat since I’m not using it, It consumes a lot of battery life, and keep asking for updates. >.<
Other app that I have is Duolingo, it’s an app to learn foreign language. I love it so far, because it teaches you about new language in way that’s like a course. It includes vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
All apps that I’ve downloaded are free free free. So feel free to try to install them and then simply uninstall if you don’t like it.
Solutions for the problems.
Apparently I can handle the battery problem with battery saver apps available at Play Store. Right now I’m using DU Battery Saver. It’s nice because it has ‘optimize’ button that can kill unused apps and save battery life. It also shows battery life in number. I keep pressing optimize button after several hours to save longer battery life. 
Other way to save battery life is by not opening any app at all (of course,haha). 
But, the most effective way to save battery life is by turning on airplane mode. In airplane mode and without opening any app, battery won’t reduce at all. Hah!
For shutter sound, simply use third party app like Camera360. It takes pictures without any sound and provide instant filters too. How useful! 
I’ve tried special app called SilentCamera, which is only takes pictures. But, I found out later that the picture’s quality is lower, so I uninstalled it.


Sumo Ramen – Review

For a more down-to-pocket and high quality ramen, here’s Sumo Ramen. Having it’s second place located at Jln.Ciumbuleuit, Bandung, Sumo Ramen targets young middle market-college students. 
Simple interior dominated with red, white and black, contrasts with the aesthetic food appearance. Actually it’s not simple. I’m quite annoyed with the overall red wall and black furniture. It seems too much and heavy. Moreover the floor has small floor tile so there are many lines at floor which add the business of the room.
The graffiti is cute and unique, create an accent wall. Maybe they can tone down the red wall into something brighter maybe white or broken white, it can create more spacious room.Oh, is the ceiling also red? It also need a repaint. I think that’s the most low budget solution for improving this restaurant.

 Big bowl Ramen (I forget the name)
Served with Shrimp Tempura, Beef, Boiled Egg, some vegie, and Japanese meatballs. DIfferent with usual spicy ramen, this broth is added with some coconut milk, make the taste savory.

 Beef Ramen (I also forget the name.. haha)
It’s not spicy either.

 Beef Bulgogi

Although Sumo Ramen specializes in Ramen, but it also serves other menu with rice and udon. The prices are definitely down-to-pocket, range from 15000 – 25000. Some standard beverages are also available.

Price ** (middle low)
Taste *** (okay)
Service *** (okay)
Place * (not okay)
Presentation *** (okay)


Happy New Year 2013!!
Although it’s half a month late 😀
There’s a not-so-new food stand at PVJ (Paris Van Java) mall at Bandung. I’ve tried it a few months ago, it’s called Wakaka. I don’t really know what it means, but in Bahasa Indonesia it’s like sound of a laugh.
As the picture below, it specialize in Asian meals. Yumm.
Here’s a  peek of the menu. It’s quite informative and unique with a board as base. There are information about menu, price, spicy, recommended, and few photos.

The interior is natural, with the stone wall and bamboo sticks as accent. The tables are made from wood, so are the chairs, so it’s not so comfy. Moreover the chairs are armless. There’s a line of sofa below the Wakaka logo, but it’s always full. 
The entrance use artificial grass as material of the floor. It fits the concept of natural. But the dining area are from ceramic tile.
The kitchen has an opening so you can hear (and maybe peek) the cooking process.

variations of fried food – chicken drums, risol, fried meatballs.
Kungpao Chicken, or Chicken Kungpao.
It’s stirred with some ketchup, chilli, and onion, also sesame as topping.


Stirred beef + Egg + Rice served in a bowl
As signature of Korean dishes, they’re always served with sesame.

Overall the taste are delight and the portion is sufficient. The price is a little bit high, but still normal since it’s located in high-end mall like PVJ.
If you tweet that you’re eating at Wakaka and mention @WakakaPVJ, you’ll get discount.. (I forget the exact, but it’s 10-15%)

Ratings :
Price **** (middle high)
Service ****(good)
Food **** (good)
Place ** (not okay)
Presentation ****(good)


Skrg gw udh kerja di konsultan interior gitu.. so siang kerja malem kuliah n weekend istirahat (baca:TIDUR) Hectic banget..
Karena hectic itulah udah berapa lama ya gw ga ke bioskop.. hmm.. trakhir ke bioskop nonton Avengers kayaknya.. sekitar 2 bulan yang lalu lah (atau lebih yah..hmmm). Padahal kan mid year gini banyak banget film-film baru yang keluar..

Untuk Agustus ini sih film yang akan keluar adalah :
1. Total Recall (bukan yang Arnold Schwarzenegger yah tapi Collin Farrell)
Dulu Total Recall yang diperanin Arnold keluar tahun 1990 (gw baru lahir) haha. Terus sering diputer di stasiun tipi lokal, jadi lumayan sering ditonton sih.. Ceritanya sih tentang jasa penyedia ingatan fantasi gitu, sejenis rekreasi memori, jadi si Arnold nya seolah-olah lagi di Mars jadi mata-mata gitu. Terus tiba-tiba jadi beneran di Mars.. Jadi garis kenyataan dan ingatan udah mulai blur.. Emang rada berat sih film nya.. -.-” Belum lagi banyak makhluk-makhluk di Mars gitu dengan efek yang seadanya.. Maklum tahun 1990 kayak apa sih efek visualnya..
Nah, Total Recall yang baru nih basic ceritanya sih sama, nama tokohnya juga sama, tapi mungkin ga tentang Mars deh ceritanya.. Kita lihat aja.

2. Bourne Legacy..
 Harusnya sih sambungan dari Bourne- Bourne yang udah ada sebelumnya, tapi di film ini ga ada Jason Bourne-nya (matt Damon), which I find it weird padahal judulnya pake Bourne.. -_-?
Jadi, dihadapkan dengan dampak peristiwa The Bourne Ultimatum, CIA memutuskan untuk menutup ‘Operation Outcome,’ dan menggantinya dengan ‘Operasi Treadstone.’ Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) tokoh utamanya, seorang agen dari Operation Outcome dan Stephanie Snyder (Rachel Weisz), seorang dokter yang membantu menciptakan agen Outcome, harus menemukan cara melarikan diri sebelum agen CIA Byer (Edward Norton) membunuh mereka.

Selaen film baru tsb, dari kmaren-kmaren gw pny bbrp movie list yang mau gw nonton.. Dimulai weekend ini lah nontonnya.. Yang ga smpet nonton di bioskop yah di DVD aja lah gpp.. hihihi. Di antaranya:
1. The Dark Knight Rises
Film batman yang teranyar nih katanya bagus. Ada ANne Hathaway sbg Cat Woman, efeknya bagus, dll lah pokoknya wajib kudu ditonton.. wkwk.
2. The Amazing SPiderman
FIlm sPiderman yang ini bukan sambungan dari Spiderman yang udah-udah, meskipun inti ceritanya sih mirip, digigit laba-laba trus jadi punya kekuatan super. Pemerannya aja udah beda, lebih fresh pastinya daripada pemeran yang dulu, yaitu ANdrew Garfield dan Emma Stone.. Kalo film ini Peter Parker nya masih SMA, bapaknya ilmuwan gitu. Terus si Peter yang dulu kuper mendadak jadi keren. Karakternya rada beda sih, jadi Peter Parker nya ga galau dan suram tapi lebih hidup dan energetic.

3. Dark SHadows
Dark SHadows adalah remake dari film di televisi dulu. Cuma katanya ada perubahan-perubahan gitu. Film dengan tokoh utama Johnny Depp ini mengisahkan Depp sebagai vampire dari zaman dahulu yang tiba-tiba bangun di tahun 1970 (kalo ga salah, kalo salah maafin yah :D). Jadi film ini ga seram, malah ke-awkward-an vampire yang diperanin Depp bikin adegan-adegan jadi komedi.. 
4. BattleShip
sebenernya gw ga gitu tau battleship tentang apa, kayaknya si pesawat alien gitu yah mau invasi bumi terus dilawan sama bumi jadi perang gitu. Yang menarik di film ini sih karena ada Rihanna, tapi kayaknya film nya ga terlau booming.. hmmm..

5.MIB 3
Kayaknya udah keluar dari dua bulan yang lalu deh.. -_______- 
tapi gw belum nonton… w-__-w Ceritanya sih agen K (Will Smith) kembali ke masa lalu buat mencegah invasi alien yang bikin ingatan agen J berubah.. (Semoga ga kebalik nama agen nya.. hahaha) Walaupun ga gitu happening, tapi karena gw nonton film 1 dan 2 ya knp ga nonton lanjutannya.. hehehe.

Selaen film-film di atas gw udah lama beli DVD film2 laen tapi lum sempet ditonton.. Ada Journey2 yang kayaknya geje, Hugo, dan Film Thailand.

Belakangan genre film nya action gitu yah.. Bosen juga.. Kapan yah keluar film Rom-Com yang bagus??Hihi. Maklum, gw kan penggemar Rom-Com.. :p

That’s all.. pokoknya start this weekend harus dicicil tuh nonton film-film baru, kalo ga tuh gw jadi out of date, brasa ketinggalan jaman… -___-“

HDL Cilaki – Review

Buat kamu-kamu yang suka makan seafood, di sini tempatnya: HDL Cilaki yang terletak di Jalan Cilaki 36 Bandung. Restoran ini sering juga muncul di acara TV, salah satunya Benu Buloe di Trans TV. Dari acara itu juga gw baru tahu kalau HDL singkatan dari Haus dan Lapar. 🙂
HDL Cilaki juga udah buka cabang di Jalan Diponegoro, sejalan dengan Gedung Sate. Ada juga cabang-cabang lainnya ternyata, yaitu di Jalan Cilaki 67, Tenda TM.Cilaki, dan Jl.Gatsu 230.
Karena udah terkenal, kalau Malam Minggu semua cabang HDL Cilaki pasti penuh nuh nuh.. Makanya maklum aja kalau pelayanannya agak kurang, selaen karena karyawan terbatas, pelanggan yang terlalu banyak juga bikin pusing.

HDL Cilaki yang gw kunjungi menggunakan rumah lama yang diubah menjadi restoran. Tapi ga banyak perombakan cuma dikasih meja dan kursi doank. Makanya ruang-ruang makannya pun terbagi-bagi dan banyak dinding-dinding penyekat. Jadinya kalau difoto pun ga bisa keliatan semuanya kayak gini nih… haha.

Jadinya interiornya pun sederhana ga banyak berubah dari waktu masih berupa rumah. Lantainya keramik, dinding warna putih dengan kusen pintu dan jendela coklat, plafon putih polos. Meja dan kursi dibuat senada dengan kusen yaitu warna coklat kayu.

Sedangkan kalo dari luar gini bentuknya :

Nah, seafood apa aja sih yang ada disini?
Mulai dari kepiting, udang, ikan, kerang, cumi, sampai makanan non seafood seperti sapo tahu, kangkung juga ada. Menunya beragam, dan masing-masing seafood bisa dipilih mau dimasak apa, mulai dari rica-rica, saos tiram, saos padang, sampai asam manis.

Gw udah 2x makan disini, ini nih yang udah gw pernah makan:
Mulai dari kiri atas adalah Kangkung Cah Telur Puyuh. Di menu ga disebutin tapi ternyata disajiin di hotplate, which is totally fine sih, tapi mengundang banyak perhatian karena asapnya banyak.. haha. Rasanya rasa kangkung..*ya iyalah* Kematangannya pas ga terlalu lembek atau terlalu keras. Harganya IDR 30.000, lumayan mahal sih, tapi namanya juga di restoran seafood.. apa boleh buat..

Kanan atas adalah Udang Rica-Rica. Disajiinnya juga di hotplate, tapi asapnya ga sebanyak kangkung kok. Bagusnya pake hotplate adalah sampe kita selese makan pun udangnya tetap panas.. Ukuran udangnya lumayan gede sih, tapi ga gede-gede banget juga. Gw sih ga ngitung jumlahnya tapi mungkin paling banyak 10 deh. Rasanya enak, lembut, dan pedas. haha. Puas makannya. 
Oh ya, harganya IDR 55.000. Mahal ga? Ga terlalu lah yah, soalnya udang kan memang mahal.. wkwk

Lalu kiri bawah ada Kepiting Saos Tiram.. Yummy.. Ada 2 ekor kepiting yang kayaknya sih betina..  Lumayan gede karena gw makan berdua aja kenyang.. (kenyang karena banyak atau karena kelamaan ngupas yah? hmmm…) Emang sih kalo makan kepiting tuh harus kerja ekstra keras karena ngupasnya lama, pelan-pelan. Dan kalo gw ngupasnya sebersih-bersihnya, jadi kulit tipis yang putih di badannya pun ga dimakan, kebayang deh lamanya. Tapi bisa dibilang mengupas menjadi kenikmatan tersendiri dari makan kepiting. Rasanya enak, lembut, agak pedas, rasa bumbunya pas. Saosnya pun enak kalo dicampur ke nasi. Harganya? Tarik napas…. IDR 115.000. Sesuatu yah kalo kata Syahrini. haha. Emang kalo mau makan kepiting tuh harus nabung dulu biar ga nyesek pas bayarnya.

Kanan bawah last but not least adalah kerang… masak apa yah lupa.. hihi. Pokoknya kerang aja. coz i’m not a fan of kerang. Bahkan pertama kali gw makan kerang yah baru di Bandung. Sebagian bumbunya lumayan terserap ke dalam kerang, atau kalo ga daging kerangya dicocol aja ke kuahnya. Biar ada rasanya gituu. Kalo kerang juga pasti dikupas tapi kan ga seribet kepiting, ini tinggal dibuka n ditarik dagingnya aja. Harganya sekitar IDR 30.000 an juga kalo ga salah, ga inget pastinya. 

Satu yang gw perhatiin adalah masakan disini tuh kaya rempah, jadi kalau makanan yang disajiin bisa dilihat banyak daun bawang, daun ini daun itu dan rempah lainnya. Contohnya udang, kalo udangnya udah habis dimakan di piringnya pun masih tersisa banyak rempah-rempahnya itu. 

Untuk minuman ada berbagai jus, soft drink dan minuman standar lainnya. Tapi kalau mau hemat ga perlu pesan minum juga ga masalah karena kita pasti dikasih teh tawar gratis. Asik kan.. hehe.

Pssst… Kata temen gw sih kalo makan di sini jangan pesan ikan karena mahal. Jadinya gw ga berani pesan ikan deh.. Kalo ga salah sih liat di daftar harga yang ditempel di dinding harga ikannya mulai dari 70.000 ribu, padahal kalo di tempat lain kayak D’Cost cuma 45.000 aja. Beda yah kalo kepiting mah emang harganya 100rb-an kalo ukuran gede.
Oh yah, jadi di menu tuh ga dicantumkan harga, jadi kira-kira sendiri aja takut budgetnya ga cukup. Hihi. Di sebagian dinding memang ditempelin daftar harga, tapi ga semuanya ada.

Rating (1-5):
Taste                 4 (good)
Presentation     3 (okay)
Price                 3 (okay)
Interior              2 (not okay)
Service              2 (not okay)