What have you done last Valentine’s day?
Well, I searched for a few ideas for Valentine’s day present for my boyfriend, and I find some Valentine cards idea on .. I tried to make some of the cards, here they are..
What do you think about it?
But, what I gave to my boyfriend is totally different. Because I’m busy making those cards, I ended up preparing present to my boyfriend on last minutes. I have bought the present weeks before but I don’t really excited to wrap it because I know he doesn’t care about the packaging but the inside.. πŸ™‚
This is how it looks after I wrapped it..
It’s a chocolate which I wrapped with art paper and I put a self made card on it. Inside that card I wrote “81 things that I love about you”… isn’t that sweeeet? haha. Here is the capture (sorry for the small letters and blur)..
That’s how I celebrated Valentine’s day.. What about you? πŸ™‚