I’m laying on my bed… Staring at the ceiling… In the middle of the night… Contemplating my life…


I just can’t sleep because I just wake up from my last sleep 12 hours earlier.

I did nothing all day except laying on bed watching tv so I don’t feel tired. Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep.


I’m not ready for work tomorrow so my body refuses sleeping as it means the end of the day. The end of my holiday.. Noooo…


Gosh I’m so not ready for work!!! When did I ever ready for work? I found this “hard to sleep” syndrome happened every time a long holiday ends. It’s not an insomnia because I will fall asleep any minutes now after writing this.
So yeah, it’s not insomnia *another denial*

There you go my page 2 of 365. Or page 3 now since it’s past 00.00 already. I have to work in less than 8 hours from now. And I haven’t slept yet.

Welcome, my first office day in 2017. No, you are not welcomed.


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