Women’s Independence

I’m furious because my girl friend cancel an appointment that has been set up long time before, only because her boyfriend can’t pick her up. As simple as that. As if she has no feet. As if she’s 10 years old who can’t go anywhere by herself. In this big city. With various public transportation scattered all around the city.

I’m furious to find out that my fellow women still depend on men so bad that they can’t go anywhere if their men can’t pick them up.

I mean, I have a great man who’s willing to pick me up whenever he’s able. But in times when he’s busy or unavailable I can still go anywhere anytime by myself. I don’t understand why there are other women who can’t do that.

I understand if their men are worried if they go alone. My man are worried too if I go somewhere alone. But that doesn’t mean I can’t go anywhere without him. I always update my position and tell him when I’ve arrived so he doesn’t have to worry anymore. Just try to be independent in this thing, can you?

Okay the real reason I’m furious in not because of these women’s dependence in such a small thing, but because I have to reschedule not only this appointment but also others. Reschedule is tiring because many people are involved.

Back to women’s dependence, I just remember that there’s also a case when a woman rejected her friends invitation to hang out only because her boyfriend doesn’t want to come. This is a same dependent case. I mean, she was the one who was invited, boyfriend is +1, whether her boyfriend comes or not is not important. But she refuses to come because her boyfriend doesn’t want to come. I don’t know the reason, maybe she’s too lazy to use public transportation, or she doesn’t want to be separated without her boyfriend.

I don’t understand these kind of women.


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