Valentine’s day. Of Course.

It’s about midnight and it’s Sunday. It means tomorrow I have to work. Sigh. I’ve had Monday blues ever since I started to work. I don’t want weekend to be ended, especially today is Valentine’s day.

At first I’m not really excited about this year’s Valentine’s day. You know, after years of relationship Valentine seems to be another day in a year. But don’t get me wrong, we still celebrate our Valentine’s day every year. That’s not the reason. It’s just, Valentine on Sunday doesn’t fit. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe because I don’t like to work on the day after, Sunday has become a day that I don’t really like. So Valentine on Sunday makes me less excited.

But it turned out that this year’s Valentine’s day is the one that I shouldn’t forget. Above all Valentine’s day, this particular one that I was less excited about, is the one to remember.

Our typical Sunday starts with going to church. Nothing special, except I sat behind a kid, a very active one, that I couldn’t resist to look at him. At singing and praising time, he couldn’t stop jumping. When the pastor was preaching, he sat down and stood up alternately, played with his parents’ phone. I could focus on the preach at first. But after more than one hour, I lost my focus and got sleepy, so I was looking at the boy. He was so funny, he was faking a phone call using a card, placed that card on his ear, pretent to speak on phone, and walked back and forth. I was trying to show my boyfriend how cute he was, and I got scolded. He told me to focus with the preach. :p My bad.

So I did, I tried to focus with the preach, but I couldn’t. I got sleepy again. So I looked around to distract myself from being sleepy. That’s when I noticed something weird in my boyfriend’s jeans’ pocket. It’s looked like a heart shaped box. O.O He laughed and I laughed, but I tried to compose and pretent I didn’t see anything.

Finished with Sunday service, we went for lunch. We circled around the mall and decided to eat in my favorite pasta restaurant. I ordered Gnocchi chicken pesto and he ordered Seafood Marinara spaghetti. I wanted to order hot tea but it was too expensive for a tea, so we ordered Mandarin mojito instead.

So, while waiting for orders, he laughed, and he said he’s not a romantic person. There he went, took out the box and popped the question. O.O I was laughing and answered jokingly. I don’t even remember my answer right now, I think I said of course or something like that. He put on the ring on my finger and I put on his ring for him.

Well we’re not typical couple. He proposed at lunch, and the ambience wasn’t set, wasn’t romantic at all, and we laughed a lot. My first reaction after he put on the ring was, why is it gold? The ring that he chose is gold coloured, not white coloured as normal engagement ring. For me gold coloured jewelry looked so outdated. I found his ring design is also outdated and too old for his age. I complaint and complaint and he said he wanted to be not mainstream so he chose gold colour. He offered to have the rings pleated so they’ll be white. But all the time eating my lunch I kept thinking about the rings and how they are not the way I imagined.

Later of the day after taking nap, I realized that I just got engaged! And here I am bit*hing about the rings. I’m sorry honey, I know you put your best effort. I should be grateful instead of being bit*hy.

Yes I have imagined how my engagement should be, how the situation should be, how he should act, how my ring should be. But it has happened. It can only happen once. And I can’t control everything. And I can’t have all things the way I want it.

This Valentine’s day

I got no flowers

I got no chocolates

I got the best gift of all

I wish my mother is here so I could share the happy news. Share this big moment. But I’m sure she’s watching from above.

Happy Valentine’s Day peeps!





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