Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes is Hard


Let’s say that I have something very credential that I should change. It’s a bad habit of mine. Recently this bad habit caused me some trouble with the person I love. He kindly took charge of my mistake -threw himself under the bus for me- so I felt really guilty about it. Even after apologizing to him, this guilt won’t easily go away because deep inside I know that I supposed to be able to avoid that mistake.

I’ve been thinking hardly about how to compensate my mistake. I reached the decision that I should change so the same mistake won’t happen again. I realized that the root is from inside of me.

But although I had realized my bad habit, for me it’s really hard to change.

Since I have this bad habit for some time, I did tried to change before, but it didn’t work.

Now that I have this guilt as motivation, I think I should be able to change this time. It’s not easy but I will try gradually. I hope this time it’ll work.

This has become my new resolution for 2016.

Talking about resolution, there is one thing that become my resolution year after year, yet it’s never reached. The thing is to work out. You know, I’m not a work out type of person. I don’t like to work out, but I know I have to, in order to have a toned body and to be healthier.

I don’t have time (and money) to go to gym, so I have to work out by myself at home. I have downloaded some work out video, as a guidance, yet I’ve never used it.

As you can see now, change is a hard thing for me. Either I’m stuck in this so called comfort zone, or I’m to lazy to change, or both. Sigh. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.


5 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes is Hard

  1. It’s great that you are conscious of the areas in which you want to grow. Sometimes the simplest changes become the hardest because we haven’t made a habit of doing it. Keep your head up, and keep progressing. Don’t stress over messing up. Never give up on the things you want to accomplish, even if it requires starting over many times.

    1. I agree, sometimes the simplest change become the hardest. And once it’s become a habit it’s hard to change it, so I have to make a new habit to replace the old ones. I’ll keep trying, thanks for encouraging. It really helps.

  2. Changing yourself can definitely be hard but if you give yourself the right incentives to work, have good motivation, positivity, and surround yourself by influential people, then I am sure you will defeat laziness. maybe you can try this site to helo you track your progress. I hear it takes 21 days to make or break a habit 😀 Please check out my blog at
    Good luck!

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