Paris Villages – Restaurant Review

Eiffel. Louie Vuitton. Patisserie. Croissant. Romantic.
Those are words that come out from my mind when i hear Paris. Perhaps there are many other words that come out from yours. That’s because Paris is so famous and such an iconic city. Many people wish to be able to go there. Includes me. But, since I haven’t had a chance yet, it’s nice to visit a little Paris, to experience the ambiance. That’s what I thought when I decided to enter Paris Villages, a french restaurant in Bandung. It’s located in Setrasari Mall, precisely across the street from Griya Supermarket.

Β That night was anniversary night for me and my boyfriend. It was raining very hard. At first I had made up my mind to go to other restaurant, but since it’s raining, we had to go to other restaurant that much closer. Paris Villages was the chosen one. We can reach it by foot. I was so insisted to go out that night, and didn’t want to postpone the dinner. Which now I regret. Sigh.

Anyway the restaurant is located in its own building. The building is narrow and consisted of three stories. The second story is the kitchen, so dining area available at first and third. I wanted to sit at third story because it’s look cozier from outside, and more private without people walking through. But we wasn’t allowed due to a problem. So we sat near entrance, on red sofa. There wasn’t anyone else who eat there, and remain that way until we left. It was Wednesday night, so maybe there were no many people want to go out.
Food menu board
After we sat there were no menu book given to us. Instead there were blackboard about A2 paper size, sat on a chair, with all food menu written on it. We had to read it hardly since it’s quite far, and all in french without English explanation. So, the waiter explain every single menu written on it. It’s felt like he’s the teacher and we are a couple of students. Hihi. Actually the waiter was nice, he also explained the favorite menu there, and from his explanation I quite understood that the restaurant target market seems to be expatriate. Thankfully the menu are only several, so we don’t spend much time being lectured, because the longer the time, the more awkward I felt.

There were 10-11 appetizer, 7 main course, and 6 desserts. While the beverages menu are printed on usual menu book and given to us, consisted of alcohol and non alcohol drinks. The first impression when i saw the menu board was the price are quite ok, only 30-40k rupiah. But that price only on top row, apparently appetizer, while main course priced for 80-100k rupiah. Man, we cannot afford that, that’s what i thought. But I couldn’t tell my bf since the waiter were standing right in front of us. Finally in order to avoid embarrassment if we left the place without ordering, we ordered a fish creme for appetizer; for main were chicken with beer sauce (for my bf) and chicken with mushroom creme for me (which is the cheapest main). I wanted to order juice but there were not fresh, I ended up order sparkling apple for drink, while my bf ordered mint tea.Β 

While waiting, i paid attention on interior design, and took some photos too. Before entering the restaurant, I was imagining that the interior design would had more French feeling in it. But that’s not come into reality. The design is simple with white paint, and several paintings and photos of Paris on walls. From my point of view, I am able to say that there were no professional interior design service was used. The furniture are woods which bring classical theme, except two modern red sofas as accent. Nothing special, except the chandelier that decorated with vines. It makes natural theme, that doesn’t belong with furniture that is classical. Besides the French music that was played along the night,several paintings and photos of Paris, the room didn’t feel French at all. In fact, I tried to close my eyes and imagined myself in a street cafe in Paris. wkwk.
Left (entrance) to right: 1-4

The room itself is small only contain 4 or 5 tables, a pastry counter and mini bar. Moreover the lighting is so warm and not bright, make the room feels smaller. Warm lighting actually used to bring out homy and warm atmosphere, which many cafes used this kind of lighting to achieve that atmosphere. But probably for this restaurant, it shouldn’t use chandelier, instead hidden lighting can be used. That’s able to make the room much more spacious.

Finally the foods arrived. Appetizer which was fish creme, had too strong fish taste, i didn’t like it, but my bf felt it was ok. I forgot to take the picture. :p My main was poulet a la creme et champignons (not sure with the spelling),which means chicken thigh with mushroom creme. Price 78k rupiah.Tasted nice, the creme, mushroom, boiled potatoes, vegetables, but the chicken disappointingly undercooked at some spots. Bf main was coq a la biere, translated half chicken with beer sauce. Price 96k rupiah. Also tasted nice, except the chicken also quite undercooked. The drinks were nice, though.

coq a la biere – Rp 96k
poulet a la creme et champignons – Rp 78k
Sparkling Apple and Mint Tea Rp18k (approx.)
(Look at that tea cup! How cute :D)

The service also okay, but when the waiter asked for our opinion, and we told the chicken were undercooked, he said it was depends on request. Maybe he’s wrong,but as far as i know, chicken should not be undercooked because it contains salmonella bacteria that’s harmful for our body.

Overall the food tastes different from another western food. Probably I am able to say that it’s authentically French (although I’ve never been to France). Anyway, I’ll come back someday to try the dessert. Because France is famous for the dessert, like creme brulee. yum yum. One day, if I have extra money πŸ˜€

Price * (very expensive)
Service **** (good)
Place *** (okay)
Taste **** (good)

Setrasari Mall Blok B4 No.98
Jl.Surya Sumantri – Bandung
Open every day : 8 AM to 11 PM
Phone: 022 – 2006958

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