Happy New Year 2013!!
Although it’s half a month late 😀
There’s a not-so-new food stand at PVJ (Paris Van Java) mall at Bandung. I’ve tried it a few months ago, it’s called Wakaka. I don’t really know what it means, but in Bahasa Indonesia it’s like sound of a laugh.
As the picture below, it specialize in Asian meals. Yumm.
Here’s a  peek of the menu. It’s quite informative and unique with a board as base. There are information about menu, price, spicy, recommended, and few photos.

The interior is natural, with the stone wall and bamboo sticks as accent. The tables are made from wood, so are the chairs, so it’s not so comfy. Moreover the chairs are armless. There’s a line of sofa below the Wakaka logo, but it’s always full. 
The entrance use artificial grass as material of the floor. It fits the concept of natural. But the dining area are from ceramic tile.
The kitchen has an opening so you can hear (and maybe peek) the cooking process.

variations of fried food – chicken drums, risol, fried meatballs.
Kungpao Chicken, or Chicken Kungpao.
It’s stirred with some ketchup, chilli, and onion, also sesame as topping.


Stirred beef + Egg + Rice served in a bowl
As signature of Korean dishes, they’re always served with sesame.

Overall the taste are delight and the portion is sufficient. The price is a little bit high, but still normal since it’s located in high-end mall like PVJ.
If you tweet that you’re eating at Wakaka and mention @WakakaPVJ, you’ll get discount.. (I forget the exact, but it’s 10-15%)

Ratings :
Price **** (middle high)
Service ****(good)
Food **** (good)
Place ** (not okay)
Presentation ****(good)


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