Sumo Ramen – Review

For a more down-to-pocket and high quality ramen, here’s Sumo Ramen. Having it’s second place located at Jln.Ciumbuleuit, Bandung, Sumo Ramen targets young middle market-college students. 
Simple interior dominated with red, white and black, contrasts with the aesthetic food appearance. Actually it’s not simple. I’m quite annoyed with the overall red wall and black furniture. It seems too much and heavy. Moreover the floor has small floor tile so there are many lines at floor which add the business of the room.
The graffiti is cute and unique, create an accent wall. Maybe they can tone down the red wall into something brighter maybe white or broken white, it can create more spacious room.Oh, is the ceiling also red? It also need a repaint. I think that’s the most low budget solution for improving this restaurant.

 Big bowl Ramen (I forget the name)
Served with Shrimp Tempura, Beef, Boiled Egg, some vegie, and Japanese meatballs. DIfferent with usual spicy ramen, this broth is added with some coconut milk, make the taste savory.

 Beef Ramen (I also forget the name.. haha)
It’s not spicy either.

 Beef Bulgogi

Although Sumo Ramen specializes in Ramen, but it also serves other menu with rice and udon. The prices are definitely down-to-pocket, range from 15000 – 25000. Some standard beverages are also available.

Price ** (middle low)
Taste *** (okay)
Service *** (okay)
Place * (not okay)
Presentation *** (okay)


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