Facebook Timeline

Excuse me for it’s been more than a month since my last post. πŸ˜₯ Too long.. I get caught in the middle of studying, making felt craft, and recently teaching English.. Aarrgghh.. I need to be more productive somehow..
Anyway, I consider myself as a survivor in term of Facebook user. Why? Because I’m stick with my old Facebook layout until recently they forced every user to have Facebook Timeline.. T_T
I don’t wanna change my profile into Timeline because it’s so different and at first sight is complicated. I like the old layout better. In Timeline layout, there is a timeline in the middle and the posts were divided into two columns. This is why it’s seems complicated, you have to look at two columns one after another.
So, I’m kinda surprised when my profile was changed automatically into Timeline layout. However, I should adapt. Soo, I make a cute Timeline cover. It consists of my self portraits every year since 2008 until now. I always want to make this since a long time ago, not in a Facebook cover, of course, but in another media, but I never had the time (and intention).
It’s kinda narcist, I know, haha. But hey, you shouldn’t restrict creativity.. πŸ˜€
After spending several hours using Photoshop here is the final result.

Isn’t it cute? haha. I bet you want to make the same one… :p

This cover consists of 5 photos andΒ  I left the blank black spot on the left side because it will be filled with my profile picture. I put a photo every year which shows my hair transformation from short bob, longer bob, until long, from side bangs, asymmetric bangs, until front bangs.
Maybe you notice there are 2 photos from 2008. Actually I want to use a 2007 photo, but I didn’t look good back then in photo, so instead I use another one of 2008.
I took the background from AddaCover.com, and here it is with different background.
Here how it’s looks like with the profile picture attached:
For another unique Facebook Timeline Cover ideas, you can visit Facebook Timeline Cover: 40 (Really) Creative Examples.
For making your own Facebook Cover, here is the measurement:
Now after you find out all the unique ideas and exact measurement, you can make your own unique Facebook Cover… Good luck!

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