Finally, I have a chance to write again.. yey.. After absent for about a month.. 
This time, I’ll make a review about Rooftop Cafe Bandung. It’s located near my place and I’ve been there twice.
Rooftop Cafe take place in a three stories ‘ruko’ in the complex of Majesty Hotel. There is dining area at the first floor, but the main dining area is on the rooftop (as the name).  While the second story is private area, the third story is kitchen. There is no elevator, so we have to climb stairs (a lot of them) to the rooftop.  Enough to make us hard to breath.
So, the rooftop dining area is divided into two, one bigger semi indoor where there is no permanent wall and ceiling. And the other is small outdoor area. The atmosphere is quite cozy. 
In the semi indoor area, the furniture are mostly dark brown rattan, chairs and couch with orange and green cushion color.
The orange and green are perfect combination for dining area, because as we know orange can improve someone’s appetite, while green add freshness. There are also some plants which increase the ‘green’. Here is a few snapshots (sadly it’s wrong view). There is also a bar.

Now, the menu are mostly Western or European with wide variety from breakfast to dinner, appetizer to dessert.
Here are some of them. I’m so sorry I forget their names and prices.. hehe.
The price ranges approximately from IDR 15000 to70000 (I genuinely forget the exact -.-‘). 
For me, all the foods and beverages that I’ve been ordered tasted good.. So, I’m quite satisfied eating here and I’ll come back..
Rating (1-5):
Taste                5
Presentation   5
Price                4
Interior             3
Service           5

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