I’m going to review about restaurant (again).. haha.
This time it’s Thai Palace Restaurant at Istana Plaza, Bandung. As its name, this restaurant serves Thai food. So does the interior, Thai atmosphere, with the using of artificial vertical plants, wooden furniture, and wooden partition. Thai Palace is a family restaurant, so the tables are big ones, more than 4 chairs each.

Here are some photos of the menu. There are quite many choices of the menu.

So I went here with my bf. We ordered 2 menu, believe me, it’s more than enough.. :p. Here they are…

This is ‘Perkedel Udang’ (IDR 32900), but it looks like some kind of pizza with prawn flavour.
It it served with sour chilli sauce.

This one is Tom Yam Goong, a kind of soup. It comes in big portion as you see in the picture, and there are few choices such as seafood, chicken, or mixed. We chose mixed (IDR 52900). The taste was spicy and sour.

And here are the beverages. On the left is a mixed drink, called Chantabury Peach (IDR 17900),  center one is Spicy Catuchak Fruit (IDR 19900), a spicy drink consist of strawberry and mango, and Soursop Juice (right).

So, the big question is, will I come back? I will… Haha.

Rating (1-5):
Taste             4
Presentation   3
Price              3
Interior           3
Service           3


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