Yes, I know it has already mid of January, but I think it’s not too late to summarize the 2011 😉
I just got inspired by Merry Riana in her blog http://www.merryriana.com/2012/01/merry-rianas-best-moments-in-2011/
So here I am.. In the middle of midnight, trying to summarize and make a proper farewell to 2011.. There’s a lot of things happened to me on 2011, thanks God I save it all in pictures. I must admit, it’s a busy year, some happy some stressful, yet it’s so memorable..

Here are some my best moments in 2011:

1. TKMDII X (Temu Karya Mahasiswa Desain Interior Indonesia)
    Such an extraordinary experience to meet my fellow interior design students from around Indonesia…

2. New Students’ Mentors Dismission

3. Spending quality time with my college friends
Swimming, watching movies, hang out, photography session, and so on..

4. My Final Assignment Preview, Exhibition, and Yudisium

5. First time to B.A.L.I
Exquisite island full of cultures, culinary, nice people, nice views, nice places.


6. My Family Vacation to West Java and Jogjakarta through Jakarta, also Bandung
There are a lot of beautiful places at West Java and Jogjakarta. Located in the middle of Java Island, these two provinces known best for its cultures and historical places. For example, Lawang Sewu building at Semarang, West Java is so well known because it has approximately 1000 doors. Also, there is ancient Borobudur Temple at border of West Java and Jogjakarta that used to be included in 7 wonders of the world.

7. Finally and the most memorable, My Graduation!!
Biggest thank to God, also my parents for supporting me mentally and financially so that I can finish my study for 4 years in Interior Design. Not an easy thing to do, there are hard times. But as a proverb says, when there is a will, there is a way..

Let’s wait for 2012 to be better and many more good things will happen.. 🙂



I’m going to review about restaurant (again).. haha.
This time it’s Thai Palace Restaurant at Istana Plaza, Bandung. As its name, this restaurant serves Thai food. So does the interior, Thai atmosphere, with the using of artificial vertical plants, wooden furniture, and wooden partition. Thai Palace is a family restaurant, so the tables are big ones, more than 4 chairs each.

Here are some photos of the menu. There are quite many choices of the menu.

So I went here with my bf. We ordered 2 menu, believe me, it’s more than enough.. :p. Here they are…

This is ‘Perkedel Udang’ (IDR 32900), but it looks like some kind of pizza with prawn flavour.
It it served with sour chilli sauce.

This one is Tom Yam Goong, a kind of soup. It comes in big portion as you see in the picture, and there are few choices such as seafood, chicken, or mixed. We chose mixed (IDR 52900). The taste was spicy and sour.

And here are the beverages. On the left is a mixed drink, called Chantabury Peach (IDR 17900),  center one is Spicy Catuchak Fruit (IDR 19900), a spicy drink consist of strawberry and mango, and Soursop Juice (right).

So, the big question is, will I come back? I will… Haha.

Rating (1-5):
Taste             4
Presentation   3
Price              3
Interior           3
Service           3

22 December – Mother’s day and Having Tangyuan

For everyone’s comfort, maybe I should start to write in English. First of all, please forgive the grammatical errors.. 🙂
Now I will write about 22nd December. In Indonesia particularly, 22nd December is celebrated as Mother’s day. The only day of the year that is dedicated to all the mothers..
While for the Chinese, 22nd December often celebrated as Winter Festival/Dong Zhi.
Dong Zhi is usually celebrated by having Tangyuan.
Maybe some of you are confused about what is Tangyuan, well it’s a traditional chinese food made from glutinous rice flour that is formed into balls and served in a kind of soup (can be sugar water or ginger water). It can be filled with peanut, fruit pasta, or else. In Indonesia is called onde-onde or ronde.
As a Chinese descent Indonesian, 22nd December for me is all about eating Tangyuan. My family make and eat it every year as a tradition. Here is the picture from this year 😉
It’s look delicious, isn’t it? 😀
I personally like this food, especially the one with the peanut filling and sugar water.. Yummy..
In Indonesia you can find it anywhere from roadside to mall. It has been modernized with varieties of filling. In Bandung especially it can be found at Gardujati area..

You should try some.. ^^